Monsieur Magic

Virtual Magic Shows

Fun for Kids & Adults From 1-100+ households

Our Virtual Magic Shows are fun for the entire family and are a great way to celebrate your child, or another family member (of any age), making sure that the person feels specials, happy and “Magical” on their BIG day.

Because 1-100+  households can be invited to participate, in addition to being the Virtual Star of the Show, the person being celebrated can also enjoy the feeling of reconnecting with relatives, neighbors, and friends that live in locations anywhere in the world.

Not only will you and your guests laugh and feel lighthearted throughout this interactive Virtual Magic-Comedy show, you will also feel amazed with the magic tricks and enjoy remembering this customized Virtual Magic show experience long after it is over.

Each show lasts 30 – 45 minutes in length –even little kids (ages 3 – 12+) stay interested and engaged. The shows include lots of interactive and visually appealing magic tricks –rainbow silk scarves, objects float, disappear and re-appear… and much more!
For older kids, more sleight-of-hand magic tricks can be  performed; with cards, rope, rings and more. 

As a bonus, even some juggling and ventriloquism with one of Monsieur Magic’s many talkative puppets, can be included.

Virtual Magic Shows are user-friendly, and easy to access from:  desktops, laptops, and tablets. 

Before the day of your online Virtual Magic Show, we will send you and your guests the link that will allow everyone to have a front-row seat.
Then, once “inside” our Virtual Show, you and your guests can laugh, relax and have fun!

An unforgettable experience for your child

Enjoyable from anywhere WorldWide