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Having a small group of guests in your home to celebrate, or a larger group inside a larger venue such as a restaurant, community Center, or company party room? We are thrilled to be performing our in-person shows once again! 


As a great alternative to in-person shows, Our ZOOM Virtual Magic Shows are still lots of fun. 
Our Virtual Magic Shows include Interactive and Fun Magic tricks for the whole family, including grandparents and grandchildren, friends and neighbours. Now everyone can join in the fun from the comfort and safety of their very own home –anywhere in the world

For your child’s next birthday celebration,
invite Monsieur Magic to entertain!

You’ll be glad you did! The fun and magic are 100% Guaranteed! And the show is fully bilingual (English & French)

(Ask about our FREE Magic Video Tutorial for the Birthday child!)

Show Description

Our Monsieur Magic-Comedy Show is an Interactive show where your child and his or her friends can enjoy the mystery, fun and excitement –not only by watching the show, but also by volunteering and participating in the magic –either in-person or virtually (right through the computer screen)!
This wonder-filled show experience is enhanced by the pleasant, caring manner of Monsieur Magic (children –and their parents, are treated with respect and are never embarrassed).

We offer shows that last 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on your time requirements and your budget. No matter what show length you chose, booking the Monsieur Magic Comedy-Show is a sure way to bring fun-filled professional entertainment, right into your very own home!
Tricks include fun and amazing magic : objects appear, disappear and float! And the children wiggle their fingers, call out “Abracadabra!” and help the magic happen throughout the show! For Birthday shows, your child will be the STAR of the show…   The Monsieur Magic Abracadabra Show is a show-experience that will be remembered fondly, by the children, as well as by ALL the adults watching, for many years to come.

Lots of Fun Magic Tricks

A Silver Ball floats mysteriously in the air, colourful rainbow scarves appear, and "invisible" Silver coins are caught from "thin air!" ...and much more! As an extra special treat, Monsieur Magic will involve the Birthday Child (or Birthday adult) in a way that will ensure that they feel special and are the STAR of the show!


Ask about the BONUS option of having Monsieur Magic perform some hilarious VENTRILOQUISM during his show, with one of his very amusing puppets!

Fully Bilingual

The show can be performed in French, English, or totally silent!

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