Monsieur Magic

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Thank you SO much for an incredible show!!! All our guests didn’t stop talking about the show…they liked it SO much and the kids had SO much fun!!! The magic…your charisma…charm…professionalism… everything…just one word …WOW!!!
Edita Vanetsian
Parent of Renée and Michelle ages 3 and 1
Thanks for a great show. I am not sure who liked it more the kids or the parents… A great time was had by all!
Liana Tusa
Parent of Justin, age 6
Monsieur Magic really adapted his show to suit our group of very young children and he succeeded to put them at ease right from the very start.
Ms. Metayer
Parent of Arthur, age 4
Money very well spent...Monsieur Magic held the attention of our entire group of children for the entire hour. We would definitely recommend him to any parent looking for entertainment for their child's party.
Melodie & Glenn
Parents of Alexia, age 7
Not only is Monsieur Magique a talented magician, but he is also funny, approachable, pleasant, engaging, entertaining and well prepared. My daughter and her friends had a wonderful time! They were mesmerized, delighted and fascinated and they laughed hysterically throughout the entire show!!
Iris Amizlev
Mother of Na'ama (age 6) and Aidan (age 9)
Thank you for making Luca's 6th birthday a special one. We the grown ups and children loved the show. Your show was such a great hit that the following Monday all of Luca's school friends told their teacher all about it. Luca was really happy and excited. He said that it was the best birthday ever!
Laura Prata
Mother of Luca, age 6
Thanks Monsieur Magic! Our group of ten year olds were so attentive and so into your show, it was unbelievable. And as parents, we loved it too!
Ms. Debbie Arbour
Mother of Justin, age 10